Land Depot provides services to public which is real estate brokerage services, real estate services, real estate purchase and sale, home leasing, financing and other real estate services.

Personal Information – Land Depot collect information from individual, to provide access to our products and services and make it available to you. It include your name, postal address, email, and telephone number.

We collect information from you and from us. Personal Information is internally reviewed and used it to improve our sites, to see our updates of any products and services we offers, for us to response for any inquiries and provide to you.

Personal Information including without limitation your contacts, will not be sold or goes to third parties except as set of Privacy Policy. We will surely give you an active response if we intend to use information collected from you.

Other Information Online

Land Depot may collect information about you but it is not personally. Example Land Depot collect information of real estate email list so cookies enable to track things in aggregate of total number f visitors on the site. It will just stored on Land Depot database. So means there s no personal information extracted in this type of process. The information we collect even it is automated only used to improve the visibility of the Site and it will not be publish or shared on different organization for some purposes.

The Land Depot Privacy Policy is subject to change at any time. We encourage you to always view the privacy and policy for any changes.